Vasy Petros Stringybark

Vasy's image at the Inspirational Arts Challenge was
mistaken for part watercolour.
for me it
sings the bluest lightest skies
and the inspirational
robust trees of Western Port
into our souls from where we last saw them.
On the roadside
and down that dirt track you thought you'd check out
on the way back

Vasy Petros

Bass Coast Landcare Inspirational Arts Challenge 2012
‘Stringy Bark’
Collage on paper (H67 x W40cm)

My artwork is an interpretation of the last stanza in Mark Cleeland’s  poem,  

‘The Landcare Seedling’.

‘and then throughout the seasons,
the seed blew far and wide
as seedlings, trees and branches spread out on every side”

I pay homage to our trees through the use of collage.
Pieces of paper cut from news and magazine print is recycled from origin of tree to print and back to tree again. 
I attempt to portray the endurance of trees over time, our never ending dependence on them and the great need to protect and ensure their survival.

- Vasy Petros

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