Dreaming in-between human and other

Skin is moist
green algae
Codium pomoides
In Legano gallery
They have a desk here now and its Sunday
I'm going to write while
Sitting immersed in todays
 I look up
Fairy-tale like scenes
Of bears picnicking
And animals socialising 
In a human way.

They are dreamy scenes
spin on chair
A giraffe and rhino and bear are playing in a cubby house behind me
Soft edges
Whisper images
Am I dreaming?
What kind of a dreaming is this?

Nia spoke of dreaming
The kind that is knowing and being in place
oh I missed the owl
Hoot hoot
And a girl with head bowed and hummingbird on finger
In awe? 
The lights are going on and off and my breath is shallow.
I just heard on the radio that there are two towns where fires are so close people cannot leave and are brin advised to take shelter.
My body heaves to try and understand 
What this is for these people

The images are dreamy
And in them humans and animals intersect in some way.
There is a chimp too
I wonder about this artist.

Body cools in stillness
Hair is freshly cut
Roughly as if with blunt knifing or sharp stone
I like it
A girl is looking at images she wants the bowing lady ('come fly with me') on her body.
I want it so bad she says 
I wonder about tattooing 
On the place that is our

Those multicellular
that are only but a part of the
assemblage (Barad 2010)

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