Call for contributions - a new exhibition

Drawn to your Coast
September 2014

Recently our friends lost a loved one
a dog
a dear darling dog
with spirit and spunk
and a lotta love to give.
Our daughter Edie loved this dog.

There is something about them
Something about a dog that draws out deep love
so we can like and even love ourselves
through their eyes.

They also take us places
like the beach.

Its got me thinking
how many people have come to love our coast 
through their daily visits 
drawn by their dogs or something else
to sandy stretches

I'd like to hold an exhibition on what draws us to the coast.
This exhibition is in honour of Pako who drew his owners
into western port and bass coast
taking them to the beach daily
rain hail or shine
bringing them to make friends, and make a home here, 
creating western port

What else draws US to the beach, coast, into places around home where we find a space to breath and be a little deeper in a rich life, come to feel at home, nested where we live?

I'd love some responses, just one line, a photo, or something else?

I'll be looking for artworks around town that bring me to think about this question and will be posting them here for the next little while.

happy pondering


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