Pako and I

Drawn to your Coast
September 2014

Pako and I walked the Colonnades 
Posted 10th September 2014, 9:49pm

"Here is a photo I would like to share. Pako and I walked the Colonnades beach every morning for the last 2,5 years, maybe I missed one or two mornings. I got to know the beach, the sky, the rocks, the pools, the colours of the water, the shifting sands and the dunes very well, like a continually evolving story with familiar friends. With Pako always in the picture, as he walked in front of me, he too would notice slight changes, alert and curious, a new fallen down bit of dune or grass, something washed up, or just a new shape in the sand.

I have lost my friend, and with him I lost a bit of the story of our beach. With time I hope to start a new story with another special loved friend."

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