A little something from me Exhibition

A drive-by scene of Western Port from just off the Anderson Round-about
a little  something from me
November 2013

a little something from me
A painting of Tarago Valley, from Jindivick during the NSW fires
Sarah C
October 2013

View to Inverloch from Pt Smythe

a little something from me
Sarah Crinall
August 2013

the water waded around low tide 
for a long stretch of time.
Beth and Drew took Edith for a 5 minute walk
So I thought 
I'd see what happen
the paints
and the landscape over Inverloch...

when edith returned
she helped to paint this...

Bunyip River July 2013
Sarah Crinall
A little something from me

Sarah Crinall
a little something from me
May 2013

Set the easel up
and had a paint today.
Noticed the rocks
rounded and smoothed by local surf
were from the Sunderland Bay beach down the road.
The wattles are flowering
and the poa
are ever-present explosions of a white circular light in paint.
A lizard escaped from one to another.

sarah crinall
western port on cedar
a little something from me
April 2013

the wind blew up on saturday
and i brushed
the colours of western port
into the shapes of 
warm wintery blankets
onto off cuts from our 
beachside nest, our home.
all the while 
in thought about
this place
its palette
its texture
its nestlikeness
while getting lost.
I noticed a final wash with water is always
isn't it.

- Sarah

western port as a blanket. sarah crinall. 2013 (acrylic and gouache on cedar)

western port (as a) bay. sarah crinall. 2013 (gouache and acrylic on cedar)

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