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During the 2012-2013 Summer,

we would like to share your works here to celebrate you and the westernport catchment in a brand new exhibition titled 'inspirational westernport' to coincide with Bass Coast Landcare's "Inspirational Landcare - 25 years" celebration.

Contact me, Sarah, if you'd like to share your creative pieces whether written, aural, moving image or still visual 2D and 3D works.

All skill levels welcome...

To exhibit anything email me here at:


Vasy Petros

Bass Coast Landcare Inspirational Arts Challenge 2012
‘Stringy Bark’
Collage on paper (H67 x W40cm)

My artwork is an interpretation of the last stanza in Mark Cleeland’s  poem,  ‘The Landcare Seedling’.
‘and then throughout the seasons,
the seed blew far and wide
as seedlings, trees and branches spread out on every side”

I pay homage to our trees through the use of collage.
Pieces of paper cut from news and magazine print is recycled from origin of tree to print and back to tree again. 
I attempt to portray the endurance of trees over time, our never ending dependence on them and the great need to protect and ensure their survival.


2D other media category

Vasey Petros for her work, Stringybarks.

Vasey’s work from afar looked to be a watercolour to us.  Her wonderful collaging technique was subtle and amazing.  We had to look twice to realize it was all collage, with no watercolour.

Vasey’s piece impressed us with the appropriateness of the media to represent the Australian landscape, ripped and cut pieces did it so well.

We also noticed the possible political comment in the use of paper to represent it’s source, trees in a proud, almost heavenly scene, and the use of magazines suggested the newsworthiness of this topic.

Congratulations Vasey for your work Stringbarks” is the winner fo the 2D other media category.


Pip Cleeland

Pip Cleeland (right) with her award-winning work "Curious" and 3 wise men enjoying the roo's company at the Opening of the Inspirational Landcare exhibition on Friday 16th November at Bass.

"As you may know,
Pip is well-known for this style of piece which pays great attention to detail and almost painful precision when capturing the portrait of an animal.
We found the subject amusing,

almost human-like

and saw it seemed to challenge us to look deeply at it,

like Landcare does challenge the community to consider it’s landuse.

This piece is a portrait of an Australian native animal,

though the texture and pattern in the animal’s fur also suggested other aspects of the Australian landscape like a corrugated sandy coast, or rock escarpment.

The subject animal is facing the audience with intensity,
perhaps challenging the viewers to look closer.
We also found her,
the animal,
leaning in,
a little cheeky.

The ears are folded, one back listening perhaps,

the other listening forward with attention –

we felt this represented Landcare well,

as does the patience in her style of work,


effortful work by both the artists,

and Landcare volunteers alike.

The plain background ensured the subject stood out and was not over-shadowed by anyone or thing. We found that really affecting and engaging.

This piece also represented hope and
growth in the suggested fecundity of the animal –
is there a joey in her pouch?
Is there hope for our natural landscapes? a constant question for all landcarers…

Congratulations, Pip Cleeland, for your work “Curious” is the winner of the 2D oil category."

- taken from the judges' notes, Landcare Inspirational Landcare Arts Challenge 2012

Pip's work is online at and on exhibition currently at Phillip Island Winery, 414 Berry's Beach Road Ventnor, Phillip Island.

Natural art installations

By Mikala Peters

This is of a branch on Cleeland Bight beach, there's a bunch of them rooted in the sand, looks like natural beach art installations.


Cape Woolamai, Phillip Island

Westernport, the quiet home

by Mikala Peters

This is one of my impressions of westernport, the quiet home.


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